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Resilience Rookies

Teaches Your Teen to Bounce Back Stronger! (for Secondary Students)

  • 29.99 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

"Resilience Rookies" - Teaches Your Teen to Bounce Back Stronger! Does your teen struggle with setbacks? "Resilience Rookies" will help them build resilience and learn to bounce back stronger from life's challenges. In this 45-minute session, your teen will discover the importance of resilience and how to develop it. We’ll cover topics such as recognizing challenges, setting realistic goals, and finding support from friends and family. In this session, your teen will learn how to stay positive and keep going even when things get tough. We’ll also explore real-life examples of famous resilient people, showing your teen that everyone faces challenges but can overcome them with the right mindset. By the end of the session, your teen will have the tools to handle setbacks with confidence and perseverance. Enroll them in "Resilience Rookies" to equip them with resilience and determination.

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