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Who Is Chista Designs


Jessica J Garcia, M. Ed. is a dedicated community activist, advocating for students, families, and educators. With degrees from Purdue University Global and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She has worked for Microsoft in the past and has focused most of her career on volunteer non-profit work. Recognized for her impact, she co-founded Student Advocacy Solutions and Chista Designs, an online store supporting young Latinos and Latinas. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her three dogs, Linus, Smokey and Mozzie.

Nicholas T. Garcia is a dedicated advocate for students. Inspired by his supportive family, he began advocating in middle school, first for himself, then for other students' needs. His advocacy led to the co-founding of Student Advocacy Solutions with his mother. Nicholas continues teaching advocacy skills and assisting children with disabilities. His love for cooking also shines through, expressing his culture and family bonds. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Culinary Medicine and Marketing. His goal: to prepare nourishing food that promotes healing. He is also engaged with Chista Designs, empowering the Latino community. Nicholas remains devoted to positively impacting lives and promoting self-advocacy.

Belinda G. Hinojosa, M. Ed. has been a dedicated educator for over 40 years. Her passion and goal continues to be- to inspire, motivate and support educators; to ensure diverse students have opportunities to be successful; to assure school/home connections lead to productive future citizens. Belinda received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Minor in English from the University of Houston; a Master’s Degree as an All-level Reading Specialist, and a Master Teacher Certificate from The University of Texas-Pan American. She is certified in ESL and is Bilingual. Belinda lives in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

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