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Community Champions

Transforming Teens into Community Heroes! (for Secondary Students)

  • 29.99 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

"Community Champions" - Transforming Teens into Community Heroes! Is your teen passionate about making a difference? Enroll them in our "Community Champions" session and watch them become leaders in their community! This 45-minute session will teach your teen the value of community service and how impactful their contributions can be. We’ll explore what community service entails, why it's crucial, and the various ways your teen can get involved. They’ll learn about organizing service projects, from environmental cleanups to volunteering at shelters, and how to execute these projects efficiently. By the end of the session, your teen will be equipped with the knowledge and motivation to start making a positive impact. They’ll also gain insights into identifying community needs and brainstorming innovative solutions. Enroll them now to nurture their passion for helping others!

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