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Does your student know the importance and impact of asking for help in school?

Do they know what to do and say in order to get the help that they need?

Let us help guide you and your student through “HOW” it can be done.

Our Resource Center can gain you access to videos, email templates, communication tips, roles for families and teachers, and scenario script examples between families/students and students/teachers. 

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What is Self Advocacy?
Self-Advocacy is a combination of communication, self awareness and acknowledgement. To be an effective self-advocate you need to know yourself, what you need and where to find additional resources needed in order to be successful

Why is Self Advocacy Important?
Self-Advocacy is not only important but necessary. It is the foundation for lifelong success. When you know yourself, strengths and weaknesses your path is made clear, you learn when to follow the crowd and when it’s important to branch out on your own. Self-Advocacy is a great way for students to find solutions to challenges that may not be on your parents’ radar. It can reduce frustration, fear and anger toward your teachers, yourself and others. Advocating for yourself and others reduces your sense of
helplessness and hopelessness in challenging situations and helps build your self confidence. For students, there can be an increased sense of ownership over their learning and an increased ability to develop their independence, self empowerment, self reliance and self determination.


Who Can Benefit?
Anyone and everyone!

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