Empowering Students & Their Communities Through Self-Advocacy Education

*Does your student know the importance and impact of asking for help?

*Does your student know what to do and say in order to get the help that they need?

Let us help guide you and your student through “HOW” it can be done!

Launch to Fall 21: Summer Program

Please click below for information about our 4 week summer program, with sessions for elementary, middle and high school students.

Coaching Packages

We now offer 1:1 coaching sessions, which can be purchased in either hourly or monthly blocks. If you are interested, please click the button below to get more details and schedule a free 30 minute initial consultation to customize a program for your student.


Self-advocacy is representing oneself, one’s views or interests/causes.


Sometimes, students cannot wait for someone to advocate for them – they need to advocate for themselves!

Self-advocacy teaches students to speak up for themselves. Students know their rights and responsibilities. Students are confident and know what they want and need now and in the future.

Self-advocacy means students understanding their strengths and challenges, developing personal goals, being assertive, making decisions and sharing them with others in a respectful and thoughtful way. Self-advocacy teaches students to stand up for themselves.





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