Covid-19 Response & Virtual Sessions

Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, we hope that everyone is staying safe.  Our hearts go out to all the responders on the front lines and we hope that students, families and everyone in the community will continue to take extra precautions to stay safe and stay healthy. Student Advocacy Solutions is aware that we are going through this each in our own way, and our goal is to continue to provide students, parents and everyone in the community the skills to advocate and adjust to the new normal.  We plan to offer a free series of online Zoom sessions teaching students and families how to advocate at home, school and in the community. We are aware that we are all living in uncertain times and unaware what the future brings, but we hope that we can support each other and have people join our Student Advocacy Solutions community. All of us at Student Advocacy Solutions care and want the best for all of you. Thank you!

Covid-19 Response Sessions Sign-up